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We offer our customers the finest in 100%  human hair. We take pride in our product and you will appreciate our commitment to bringing you the highest quality 100% Virgin human hair available. Whether you’re new to our website or a new customer we would like for you to think of us as your first choice for high quality 100%  human hair extensions. Dymond Divas Hair Company has built its reputation for selling only the most high quality, gorgeous, long lasting hair with fast and friendly customer service and we hope you will appreciate our commitment to bringing you the highest quality 100%  human hair.

Our Hair

Single Bundles:

Single bundles allow you to purchase one or two bundles that you may need in order to complete a look, provided you have other bundles already. Or you may want to add a bundle for length or fuller look.

Bundle Deals

Bundle deals allow you to purchase enough hair for a full or partial sew-in. Purchasing bundle deal also allows you to receive a discount on the hair in price.

Styling: 2 to 3 bundles needed for 18” or less. 3-6 bundles needed for 20”-36” for full weave depending on the length of hair and volume desired

Closures: Lace & Silk:

Closures are designed to close off a weave giving it a natural look. Closures are applied by sewing down the sides and back and then gluing it at the hairline or depending on the skill level of the stylist it can be sewn at the hairline. 90% of the closures in this album are sewn completely at the hairline and no glue was used to apply. Closure allow freestyle parting which means it can be parted and styled in any matter.